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CPS Disk Centrifuge


Particle SizeCPS Disc Centrifuge,

Models DC12000, DC18000, DC20000 and DC24000 -

The world's fastest, highest resolution, and most sensitive centrifugal sedimentation particle size analyzers. Measure virtually any type of particle, between 0.002 and 75 microns, at 2 to 10 times better resolution than any other particle sizing instrument, regardless of measurement technique.

The minimum reportable peak width can be less than 2% of peak diameter.Here are a few of the many applications where the CPS Disc Centrifuge can be used:


  ·        Polymer latexes and emulsions

  ·        Fillers (CaCO3, clay, barites, etc.)

  ·        SiO2 dispersions

  ·        Abrasives (of all types)

  ·        Impact modifier particles

  ·        Oil emulsions


  ·        Virus particles/virus-like particles

  ·        Cells (culture) and cell fragments

  ·        Protein clusters

  ·        Liposome's

  ·        Particles in diagnostic tests

  ·        Micro-encapsulated drugs


  ·        Micro-abrasives

  ·        CMP compounds for integrated circuits

Printing and painting:

  ·        Pigments - water and oil based

  ·        Micro-fiber paint viscosity modifiers

  ·        Printer/copier toner powders Inkjet inks

  ·        Carbon black

  ·        Magnetic iron oxide


Micro-spheres / Agglomeration patterns  / Starch/flour particles


GC Accessories

Leak detector


  • LD239 is used for checking gas leakage when replacing a capillary column in a Gas Chromatograph or other tubing at the Gas Chromatograph. LD239 detects gas leakage and indicates by LED and LCD, and also alarms immediately. 

  • GL Sciences’ Gas Leak Detector LD239 adapts thermal conductivity technique between target gases and referential gas. Being the smallest, lightest and the most sensitive on the market, the LD239 detects up to 0.0005mL/min of helium gas. With the USB port, the LD239 can be recharged easily anywhere.

Chromatography Accessories and Supplies

Tubing and Capillaries

All of Applied Research tubing is extruded from virgin materials manufactured by the original manufacturer of each material. We do not allow substitutes for our raw materials.


Applied Research SS fittings are manufactured different materials for both high and low pressure applications. We take a pride in our work and make sure that we only use the finest materials available

Filters and Frits

All of Applied Research metal filters are manufactured by Applied Porous Technologies. All other material is manufactured in our own facilities.

HPLC Columns

Choose between Applied Research PEEK or SS column line in many different dimensions.


When working in Chromatography you will need a kaleidoscope of tools. Applied Research offers you all the tools you are looking for.


Beside Solvent Recycler, Degasser and other useful accessories, Applied Research Europe offers a line of manual injection and switching valves




Product areas within our core competency include:

High Throughput Screening , Combinatorial Chemistry, Flow Injection Analysis, Pharmaco-kinetic studies, DMPK,   ADMET                                                                                               

Interfaces with any major LC-MS system.
Fast injection cycle time.
Temperature controlled sample storage.
Front End Automation for LC and LC-MS microplate applications. Up to 24 microplates within 50/80 cm bench space.

PRIM 500

Learning spectrophotometry techniques in biologi and biochemistry schools, running routine tests in clinical, veterinary, food analysis laboratories...

Example of analysis methods
Substrates: Albumine, Alcool, Ammonia, Bilirubin, Calcium, Chloride, Cholesterol, HDL/LDLcholesterol, CO2, Creatinine, Iron, Magnesium, RBC magnesium, Phospho-lipids, Phosphorus, Total protein, Triglycerides, Urea, Uric Acid...
Enzyme: Acid/Alkalin, Phosphatase, Amylase, APO-Al, ASAT/GOT, ASAT/GTP, CK, CGT, LDH, Lipase, Nukleotidase... 
Pastel UV


*Multiparametric measure : Organic matter (COD, BOD,TOC,TSS) specific compounds (NO3, Detergents)
*All type of waters (Natural water, raw sewage water, treated water,process water)
*Fast, reading in less than 1 minute
*Convenient, easy-to-use
*Without reagent
*User friendly
Gross weight : 9Kg
Dimensions : 40 x 40 x 4


AI 3200 AF Spectrometer

Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Environmental, Agricultural, Geological & Metallurgical, Pretrochemical

Our Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer offers a unique approach to vapor/hydride generation with ppt detection limits for Hg, Cd, Zn & the hydride forming elements and a linear dynamic range of 3 orders of magnitude. Capable of analyzing 11 different elements virtually free from matrix interferences.

AI 1200 AA Spectrometer

AI 1200 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

It is no accident that Aurora Instruments Ltd. has designed and built an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer hich combines unmatched features-for value with one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

VERSA 3000

Liquid Handling

The VERSA series delivers flexibility and maximal possibility in liquid handling with
its expandable  and versatile design. This station automates multiple genomics,
proteomics, drug discovery and analytical applications